Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We have had the most generous people join our pursuits in raising money for these families. Blendtec has donated 2 blenders! Well when they were dropped off to me I learned about will it blend and well.... 

Just Spent more time then I am willing to admit watching will it blend on Youtube! Now I want a Blendtec even more!!! 1 for auction 1 for raffle! May the odds ever be in my favor! :) Sorry for that but seriously watch one! 

Old Spice is my personal favorite! What is yours??

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tenny's Pizza, Mia Love and You

We will have Tenny's Pizza! They are donating pizzas to sell! That means profit for these families!!!
I heard from the Mayors office and Mia Love will be attending!!!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Have you tried it!!!

I am in LOVE with Mia's
Their Mama Mia is INCREDIBLE! May FAVORITE treat! Well Guess what! We will be serving Mia's at the Fundraiser so make sure you get some!!!


After the Storm

We have had After the storm join our line up!!!!


This event is going to be wonderful! Invite everyone!!!! Let's make it HUGE for these deserving families!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Donation List

Here is a list of Items that the families lost. Any and all donations will be wonderful. Bring them to the event or leave a comment and we can share other places to donate!

There also are at least three possibly more homes that need full electrical panels of breakers. Siemens, Cutler Hammer and Square D are the brands that are needed. We have a Journeyman Electrician that is willing to donate all of his time to get these homes electrically safe for these families. Please call 
Jake and Emily Foster if you can help with electrical materials 801-404-3849. 

Family #1
-Boys Toys (ages 9 and 7)
-Christmas Tree/Decorations
-Children’s Winter clothes (boots, snow pants, coats, gloves, hats)
                  *H (boy), age 9, size 3 shoe, size 10/12 pant, size M shirt
                  *E (boy), age 7, size 12 shoe, size 7 pant, size S shirt
                  *B (girl), age 3, size 9 shoe, size 4T pant and shirt
-Camping gear (tent, tarps, 3 sleeping bags, lanterns, camp stove)
-crib and mattress
-baby swing

Family #2
-Children’s Toys (ages 6 and 3 girls and age 1 boy)
*dolls, magformers, duplo, zubes, my little ponies, plastic animals, dress ups, kitchen play set w/ food and plates
-Board games and kids games
-Christmas tree/decorations/lights/nativity sets
-children’s books
-winter boots/snow clothes/ gloves/hats
                  *K (girl)  size 7
                  *B (girl)  size 5
                  *A (boy)  size 18-24month
-Food storage
-canning equipment

Family #3
                  *combo battery tool
                  *skill saw
                  *reciprocating saw

Family #4
-Winter wear/ coats/ hats/ gloves/boots
                  *dad  : shoe size 12, pant 38x32, shirt xl
                  *mom:  shoe size 10, pant 10, shirt m/l
                  *E (girl):  shoe size 5, pant size 12 kids, shirt 10-12 kids
                  *E (boy):  shoe size 4 ½, pant size 8, shirt size 8 (kids)
                  *J (girl):  shoe size 12, pant size 6, shirt size 6 (kids)
                  *J (boy):  shoe size 9 ½, pant size 4, shirt size 4 (kids)
-Food storage

Family #5
-Food Storage
-2 teenage girls bedrooms (dressers, décor, nightstands, lamp)
-kids toys (boy 3, girl 5, boy 8)
-washer and dryer
-wii and games

Family #6
-Children’s Toys
                  *Barbie, my little ponies, dressups
                  *cars and trucks, geo tracks, nerf
-small cabinet
-book shelf tower (2)

Family #7
-building materials
-labor to rebuild

Family #8
-holiday décor
-Coats/winter wear
                  *dad :  shoe size 11,  pant 36x38, shirt xl
                  *mom:  shoe size 6 ½ , pant 6, shirt m
                  *G (boy):  shoe size 4, pant 10, shirt 10-12
                  *N (boy):  shoe size 3, pant 8, shirt 8-10
                  *T (boy):  shoe size 11-12, pant 5, shirt 5
                  *G(girl):  shoe size 5 infant, pant 2T, shirt 2T

Family #9
-baby boy clothes 0-3 month up to 2T
-digital piano
-food storage boxes
-camping equipment
-library of books
-children’s books
-book shelves
-Christmas tree/lights/decorations
-crib and mattress
-kids toys
-maternity clothes

Family #10
-Food storage
                  *canned fruit
                  *freeze dried cans of food


  • We now have enough water heaters!

Drywall, tape, mud/screws
Stairs (wood)
20 2x4s
10 treated 2x4s
Drywall (small amount)
sheetrock, mud, screws
exterior french door
concrete/ driveway
garage door panel
pea gravel
sheet rock
mud, screws

Landscaping in many yards has been completely destroyed.  There is still a lot of cleanup to do, so homeowners are not ready to replant.  Gift cards to nursery's would be appreciated.


Air conditioners
re-circulation system


Carpet on the stairs
Molding and trim
carpet (small amount)
drywall, mud, tape, screws
blinds (3 sets)
molding and trim

Stephanie Mabey

We are so pleased that Stephanie Mabey will be joining our efforts!! This is seriously going to be amazing!
Spread the word!!!
Thank you Stephanie for Joining us!!!

Check her out at StephanieMabey.com


Link to the Facebook Event!
Invite your friends!!